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Frequently Asked Questions

1Where can I get Game Support for TropWorld Casino?
You can open a Support Ticket at: http://tropworld.com/support/ If you’re experiencing any problems with a game or if you have a general question about a game, we're happy to help.
2How much is the TropWorld Casino app? Does it cost anything to play?
The app is completely free! It is both free to download and free to play. While there are in-app items available for purchase, there are also daily giveaways for free coins as well as many other opportunities to earn free coins.
3Is TropWorld Casino a real money casino?
No, TropWorld Casino and all games within it are completely free-to-play. There is no real money gambling whatsoever.
4Can I win real money playing TropWorld Casino?
No, TropWorld Casino is strictly a free-to-play social casino game. All bets and wins are virtual currencies not redeemable outside of the app.
5Do you offer refunds?
Purchases made in TropWorld Casino are for virtual goods and the entertainment value of such goods will have already been received and we therefore do not offer refunds. Under special circumstances we review certain refund requests on a case by case basis. Please see our Terms of Service
6Where do I send other questions?
Please send inquiries via email to: support@tropworld.com
Or by mail to: TropWorld Games, LLC 8345 West Sunset Road, Suite 300 Las Vegas, Nevada 89113